We are not an advertising agency. We are designers.

Design requires passion, thoughtfulness and commitment. Partnership requires collaboration, communication and trust. We’ll bring you both. At Laidlaw Creative, our client relationships, experience and work are demonstrated by an award-winning portfolio spanning two decades, multiple industries and a variety of brands — some you’ve heard of, others you haven’t. Yet.

So, where does branding happen?

In the hearts and minds of consumers — and brands have more power than ever before to define themselves directly to their audiences. We’re here to help you deliver industry-defining communications that will make your brand stick.

Luxury? Let’s get fancy. Industrious? Let’s get to work. Playful? Let’s have some fun! 
Innovative? Well, we’re always innovating. 

We engage in purpose-driven partnerships with creative and public relations agencies, entrepreneurs, and corporations to create smart, inspired and effective design. Partnerships thrive on process. 

Tell us what you’re looking to accomplish and we’ll bring our experience.

Our Design Services